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What a 12 year old thinks about volunteering at The Bethel Library

Why should you volunteer at the Bethel Library?

Made By: Cadence Lee (existing volunteer Age 12)

Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference in the lives of people and organizations in need such as the Bethel Library.

There are many duties here at the Bethel Library for a young volunteer such as:

  1. Scanning books to see if they will be sent away to a place that redistributes them in places in need.

  2. Looking over the books to see if they have not been checked out for a few years or more and if they are damaged.

  3. Putting books in their correct places after they have been returned so the next patron can find what they are looking for.

  4. Volunteers also help make art projects for upcoming events. I've made paper flowers with old books and maps!

  5. I've even written a poem that's on display at the library:

Little Library Donation Fund

Did you have a book for some extra time? Could you maybe drop in a dime?

Think you are a scholar? Maybe you could drop us a dollar?

If books give you thrills, give us some bills!

Read some books about bunnies? Maybe you could spare some monies!?

Looks like you've got an expensive suit... maybe you could spare some loot!

Perhaps your last trip to the casino was lucky... maybe you could give us a bucky!

Looks like you've got stealth, you should give us some wealth!

Be a library supporter and give us some quarters!

Thank you for looking this over and considering being a volunteer!

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